Qualifly Carbontech Blue Fly Reel
Qualifly Carbontech Blue Fly Reel

Qualifly Carbontech Blue Fly Reel

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The CARBONTECH was engineered to take on the most powerful fish in the most adverse conditions. Qualifly's patent pending use of carbon fiber yields a lightweight, strong and reliable fishing tool.

Why carbon fiber? The carbon fiber Qualifly used on the CARBONTECH is 10 times stronger and roughly 40% lighter than aluminum; it is approximately 5 times more rigid than aluminum or steel.

When designing their reels they check every detail, like the placement of the crank knob and counter weight. Qualifly places them as close to the outer rim as possible for the best mechanical advantage. They also seal the end of the crank to reduce the likelihood of dirt and sand from getting in.

The machining of the CARBONTECH is second to none. They specify tight tolerances and smooth surface finishes that result in smooth running spools without wobble or run out.

The CARBONTECH drag is fully sealed and has a multi-carbon disk that provides smooth stopping power.  Their drag system is made as a module, which makes it easier to seal and maintain. They also use ethylene propylene U-seals and Buna-N O rings for long continual service.

The CARBONTECH can be changed from left to right hand retrieval and is available in 3 sizes and in 4 different color combinations.

 Reel Size: Diameter Weight Yards. of 30 Lbs. Backing  Line Wt.
6/8 3.8" 8.5 oz 120 8
9/10 4.2" 9.2 oz 180 10
11/12 4.5" 9.7 oz 220 12