The Outlaw Difference

At Outlaw, we’ve spent years perfecting our craft, exercising our passion, and stretching our limits to ensure we can deliver the very best product to a market composed of our favorite people on Earth-- Fly Fishers. Everything that we do at Outlaw is centered around achieving more with our equipment. 

We are located in Sparks Nevada right at the footsteps of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and home to some of the best fishing on earth.  We test our rods on a regular basis so we can bring you the best product on the market.

To achieve the amazing results that we have come to be known for, we take a multifaceted approach that prioritizes experience, quality, and heart. At Outlaw, we aren’t just focused on churning out equipment at breakneck speed. We prefer to slow down the entire process to give ourselves more time and more control that is needed to give care and attention to our products. From the moment one of our products is designed as a visual representation to the moment it rolls off the line, everyone involved in the process is imagining our customers using that item and having success out on the water. That’s because we care about your mission, and we make it our mission too.

Outlaw fly rod blanks are specially made with a better formulated denser resin that allows for less rod rebound and better casting ability.  By using this denser resin and better quality carbon fiber we came up with the perfect rod that is easy to cast, easy to mend, and easy to catch fish on!!  Our rods are tough enough to handle that 10lb trout and still sensitive enough to feel the take of a fish that's barely sipping bugs on the river bed.  Try us out you wont be disappointed!!



 We utilize some of the most cutting edge and proprietary processes, materials, and technology to ensure that each piece of equipment that comes off of our line is made to excel in every category including strength, durability, flexibility, comfort, sensitivity, and performance under pressure. We take the best of both worlds to combine all of our knowledge and skills into superior fishing equipment. Outlaw takes the heart and knowledge of a seasoned fisher and combines it with what we have learned about the technology and engineering in their equipment and fused the two concepts into one to create truly superior equipment for any fly fisher.

 To accomplish all of this, we keep on staff some of the most devoted and passionate professionals you will find in the industry. Our products are made with love because each of our team members loves them and understands the disconnect that fishers have had to endure with their equipment for years. The Outlaw Difference is that when we create a product for our fly fishers, we take personal satisfaction in seeing the effort that went into it help them out on the water.