4-6wt Razorback Reel, Fly Line, and Backing
4-6wt Razorback Reel, Fly Line, and Backing
4-6wt Razorback Reel, Fly Line, and Backing

4-6wt Razorback Reel, Fly Line, and Backing

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This is an add on to a single fly rod to make it a rod package and give ya 10% off the full price.  When this is added on to a fly rod you will get all of these these:

The Deal
This is a package deal for an amazing rod, reel, line, and backing that work great together at a discounted price.  In this package we've included an Outlaw Fly Rod, a Qualifly Razorback Fly Reel, Outlaw Floating Fly Line, and Outlaw backing.  Everything needed to get you going and out there catching fish.

The Reel

The Razorback utilizes new concepts in fly reel design. The use of Qualifly's new cone drive gives the Razorback an incredibly strong and stable feel. It eliminates the effects of torque and shock by providing additional surface contact and by locking the spool into place on a conical cylinder.  The drive cylinder is grooved to prevent taper lock and provides for easy removal of the spool. 

Qualifly's new drag utilizes multiple carbon discs to apply smooth stopping power. It is fully sealed and can be used in saltwater.  They even seal there reverse direction bearing. This gives them one of the most robust and watertight drags on the market today.

 When you look at the Razorback, you might think where is the drag knob? After years of customer feedback and our own experience from thousands of hours on the water, we decided to make the entire back of our new reel a smootheasily adjusting drag knob. The drag knob is assembled with no visible screws or nuts, allowing for a beautifulstreamline watertight profile.

The spool is fully ported and balanced. The Razorback comes in 3 color combinations, black/silver, burnt orange/silver and green/silver.  YOU WILL NEED TO CHOOSE THE COLOR YOU WANT.

The Line
Outlaw Rod Co Superior Floating fly line is a high quality fly line built to cast better and float better in the water.  The Outlaw Superior Fly Line is a dual color long head and back taper that is perfectly balanced out to help you cast that heavy fly all the way to that fish that's barely sipping bugs on the surface.  This fly line will deliver every time.

The Backing 
Outlaw Rod Co.'s backing is a high quality superior grade backing meant to last the tests of time and keep you catching those big fish that will fight you on the reel.  Don't get a cheaper quality backing line and lose that fish of a lifetime!  Pair this backing with our fly line, a rod, reel and get ready to go catch that big fish!